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Aluminium louver profile for building facades
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Aluminium louver profile for building facades
The aluminium louver profile used on building facades have excellent sun shading, ventilation and rain protection. Aluminum louver profiles are widely used in commercial buildings, hotels, villas and other places. In addition to its practical function, aluminum louver profile also has a decorative effect. Many commercial buildings are decorated with colorful or patterned louvered aluminum profiles. Therefore, louvered aluminum profiles are both practical and aesthetic, and are one of the preferred materials for many builders and decoration companies. There are many types and specifications of aluminium louver profiles to meet people's needs for different occasions. You can rest assured that the aluminium louver offered by Retop are of high quality, reasonable price and good service!

What is aluminium louver profile used in construction?

A aluminium louver profile is specifically used in the exterior of a building. It has a curved cross-section and a groove for assembly. In order to use a louvered aluminum profile, two louvers need to be assembled together. Of course, since the raw material is aluminum alloy, it is highly malleable, so people can customize the structure and shape of the louvers according to their needs. High-quality aluminium louver profiles are characterized by high strength, long service life and low maintenance cost. Therefore, it is an indispensable high-quality exterior wall decoration material. The louvered aluminum profile is mainly composed of side frame, louvered blade, 38*25 tube, I-beam rail, tube with groove and so on. Therefore, assembly, installation is convenient and time-saving.

Different types of aluminium louver profiles in building facades

There are various types of aluminium louver profiles applied in building facades, which are mainly distinguished according to their different structures and functions. The following are some common types of louvered aluminum profiles:

1. Fixed louvres: Fixed louvres, as the name suggests, cannot be adjusted in angle. Their main role is to provide shade and decorative effect. Because it can not be adjusted, so this type of aluminum louvre profiles are generally used in places that require continuous shading.
2. Adjustable louver: This type of louver aluminum profile can adjust the angle. People can adjust the tilt angle of the louver according to the need to control the sunlight transmission and ventilation effect.
3. Double-layer louver: Double-layer louver refers to the stacking of two layers of louver. This type of louver has more flexible shading and ventilation effect. Because each layer of louvers can be adjusted independently.
4. Horizontal louvers: Horizontal louvers are mainly arranged horizontally and are suitable for places that need to be shaded from low angle sunlight or horizontally oriented sight lines.
5. Vertical louvers: Vertical louvers are arranged vertically. This type of louver is suitable for places that need to block vertical sunlight or line of sight.
6. Hybrid louvres: Hybrid louvres combine different orientations or types of louvres to meet more complex architectural needs. Thus it can also provide more flexible control of both shading and ventilation.
7. Intelligent louvre: Intelligent aluminium louver blades can be controlled remotely through automated systems or remote control devices. It can realize intelligent adjustment, timed opening and closing and other functions.

Advantages of aluminium louver blades

The unique performance of aluminium louver profile is widely used in our daily life. The following points are the significant advantages of louvered aluminum profiles:
1. Powerful. Aluminum louver profiles have powerful practical functions. For example, it can be used on the exterior wall of a building to provide sunshade, light, ventilation, rain protection, privacy and other functions.
2. Strong corrosion resistance. Blade aluminum profile of the surface of the oxidized layer generally does not fade, does not fall off, not easy to paint, easy to maintain, no maintenance.
3. Customizable. Many high-quality aluminum profile manufacturers support customized aluminium louver.
4. Simple to install and use. Aluminium louver profiles are free of welding and integrated assembly process, simple production. The outer frame rectangular tube is perforated by fully automatic CNC equipment, so the assembly is fast and the working time is short.

Technical information of aluminium louver profiles
The use of louvered aluminum profiles
1. From the functional point of view. Single-layer adjustable louvered aluminum used for the environment needs lighting, heat dissipation, windproof and regulate airflow without rain occasions.
2. From the scene of application. It can be widely used in computer room, office building or air conditioning outside machine and other occasions. Because it has a very powerful function can help these places to realize sunshade, ventilation and rainproof.
3. From the aspect of structure. Aluminum louver profile is composed of streamlined blades and side frames, such design and structure can ensure that the room is full of fresh air. It also prevents insects, birds or other objects from entering the room. This is perfect for office buildings and commercial buildings where people work and relax on a daily basis.

Different shapes of aluminium louver blades

There are many shapes of aluminum louver profiles. Blades are available in rectangular, wedge, trapezoidal, fan, honeycomb, and wavy double section shapes. The shapes of aluminum louver profiles can also be customized according to customers' needs. Retop can provide customers with a variety of customized louvre blade services.

Surface treatment of aluminium louver

The most common surface treatment of aluminium louver is anodic oxidation, electrophoretic coating, powder coating and so on.
1. Anodizing is the most common. Because the surface treatment of anodic oxidation is commonly used in industrial aluminum profiles. The treated aluminum is very close to the original color of aluminum alloy. A careful look will find that the surface of the aluminum profile will be covered with a thin film. This layer of film will not affect the beauty of the aluminum profile, but will increase the beauty of a metal. At the same time, it will also increase the corrosion resistance, heat resistance, wear-resistant performance of the aluminum profiles of the louvers. A lot of aluminum used for connection, but also only the surface of the anodic oxidation treatment. 
2. Of course, you can also use electrophoresis and powder coating surface treatment. Because some aluminum louvers need to be dyed to decorate the outer wall to achieve the purpose of unity of style with the whole building.

Functions of aluminum louver profile

1. Shading and dimming: louvered aluminum profiles can effectively block the sunlight and reduce the strong sunlight. This will also reduce the temperature inside the building. Adjustable aluminum louvered frames can also be angled to control the light inside, creating a more comfortable environment.
2. Privacy: By adjusting the louvers, people living or working inside the building can control the view of the outside world to the interior, ensuring privacy.
3. Ventilation: Louvered aluminum profiles can also regulate air circulation, helping to maintain ventilation and air quality inside the building. This is important for creating a healthy indoor environment.
4. Aesthetics: Aluminum louver profiles used in building facades need to be decorative. Designed and surface-treated louvers can add unique design elements that enhance the aesthetics of the entire building.
5. Waterproof and windproof: Aluminium louver blades have the function of waterproof and windproof. Adjusting the angle of the aluminum louver profile can reduce the impact of strong wind on the building. And because the aluminum profile itself is rainproof, it can achieve the effect of rainproof at the same time.
6. Anti-noise: The specially designed aluminum louvered profiles can play a certain sound insulation effect and create a quiet space.

Structural performance of aluminium louvre blades
The structural design of aluminium louvre blades usually needs to meet the following requirements:

1. Strength and stability: The structural design of aluminium louver profiles should ensure sufficient strength to resist external wind load, rain, snow pressure and other forces.
2. Wind resistance performance: Since it is on the outside of the building, the design of aluminum louver profiles should reduce wind resistance and wind load on the building.
3. Adaptability: The structural design should consider the aluminium louver blades can be adapted to different environments, including climate, temperature, humidity and other factors.
4. Drainage performance: the structural design of aluminum louver profiles should take drainage into account to avoid the impact of water on the material.
5. Adjustable performance: some louver structure design should allow adjustable angle function. Adjustable louvered aluminum profiles will be adjusted for shading or ventilation according to different needs.

Aluminum louver profiles produced by Retop

We produce various types of aluminium louvers which can be used in different places, such as windows, office isolation, building facades, etc. Our aluminum louver profiles are made of high quality raw materials and have superior performance. As a result, they have a long service life, which saves the users' use and maintenance costs. At the same time, we will customize the louvres according to customers' needs. For example, the structure of the louver blades, the color, the surface treatment method and so on. Buying louver aluminum profiles from us can enjoy high quality pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service. Welcome to consult our aluminium louver profile, our sales manager will provide you with professional aluminum profile answers.
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