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Powder Coating
We have horizontal spray line and vertical spray line.
According to the shape, color, length and quality of the aluminum profile, choose appropriate lines for coating.
So it really improves productivity and ensures a high quality coating for all the different profiles.
The unique return air system ensures that the furnace temperature difference is within +/-5 degrees, greatly reducing the color difference.The adhesion of the coating is also greatly improved.
Two Horizontal Spraying lines and One Vertical spraying line
In order to ensure the best quality of powder coating, we only use Akzonobel powder.Make the product bright color, bright color, good adhesion, acid rain alkali resistance.Excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, more than 200 standard RAL colors to meet your needs, coating thickness up to 60~80 μm.If you have other requirements, we can provide customized services for you.
The coating color can be made as appointed color code according to RAL Color System and Panton Color System.
Usually,We prefer to make coating based on customers sample.
Then we can ensure the coating color,gloss,surface effect of the mass production to be uniform with customers request.
Efficience in every step of production

Wood grain aluminum profile, first spray and shape extrusion wood grain aluminum profile, and then stick it on the surface of the surface of the wood grain, and through vacuum, heating and other processes, so that the wood grain completely permeate into the spraying primer.

With the development of The Times, people have higher and higher color requirements for wood aluminum profiles.New finishing technology, the formation of real wood texture.Available in a variety of wood grain.Can be used by hand or film transfer.Accept customization.
Wide color range, complete specifications, can produce more than 200 different colors of aluminum according to the international color code
Corrosion resistance and aging resistance
The treated surface is firm and does not peel.
The texture is clear and three-dimensional, reflecting the natural texture of wood grain.
Wood Color
For the upscale decoration application,we develop the wood color coating in many different types.
The new color and wood pattern can be appointed.
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