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Your top manufacturer of anodized aluminum profiles
Retop has 2 anodic oxidation lines, the production execution standard is strictly in accordance with GBT5237.2-2017, the average oxide film thickness is 15-18um, and ultra-high thickness oxide film can also be produced according to your requirements
Efficience in every step of production

Color Range
The anodic oxidation colors of aluminum profiles are: black anodic oxidation, champagne anodic oxidation, bronze anodic oxidation and white anodic oxidation.Surface treatment can also be sandblasting, polishing and other ways.If you have any requirements, we also accept custom requests.
Anodizing Bronze
Anodizing Champagne
Anodizing White
Anodizing Black
Anodizing Silver Natural
Anodizing Gray
Anodizing Dark Gray
Anodizing Golden
Anodizing Silver Natural
Anodizing Beige
Anodizing Ivory
Anodizing Blue
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