aluminium extrusion heat sink profiles

Materials used in aluminium extrusion heat sink profiles

Aluminium extrusion heat sink profiles is a common material used by people to dissipate heat. It helps many electronic and electrical appliances to maintain a reasonable temperature and can run normally for a long time effectively.
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Custom aluminum extrusions

Custom aluminum extrusions production process

Custom aluminum extrusions is the process of making aluminum profiles according to the specifications of the drawings provided by the customer.
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aluminium door and window profile

Various methods to judge aluminium door and window profile quality

The quality of aluminium door and window profile is related to its beauty, service life, maintenance costs and other aspects. Therefore, many consumers will pay much attention to judge the quality of aluminum profiles for windows and doors before purchasing.
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standard aluminum extrusion profiles

How to clean standard aluminum extrusion profiles?

Standard aluminum extrusion profiles are the most common aluminum metal products in our society nowadays. Although standard aluminum extrusion profiles have good performance, they also need to be maintained.
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extrusion profile aluminium processing flow

General extrusion profile aluminium processing flow

Extrusion profile aluminium are a material widely used for indoor and outdoor decoration and building structures, featuring light weight, good thermal conductivity, and high plasticity.
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Aluminum extrusions profiles for curatin wall

Aluminum extrusions profiles in the Construction Industry

Aluminum extrusions profiles are now widely used in construction. Aluminum extrusions profiles are used in many parts of a building.
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