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Aluminum extrusions profiles in the Construction Industry

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Aluminum extrusions profiles are now widely used in construction. Aluminum extrusions profiles are used in many parts of a building. For example, exterior walls, exterior trim, door and window edges, roof mechanisms, building components, etc. So when was aluminum extracted by people and widely used?
"However, in 1886, the United States of America's Howell and France's Hylandt, respectively, independently electrolysis of a mixture of molten bauxite and cryolite produced aluminum metal, for the subsequent large-scale production of aluminum laid the foundation for the status of aluminum has also completely changed, mainly reflected in two aspects: first of all, it is produced in large quantities, and no longer regarded as a precious metal; in the industrial and life application of the Mass production has led to its gradual replacement of other metals, such as steel and copper, in many fields of application." From Metalpedia.
Among them is the growing demand for aluminum in construction. Especially in the external wall of the building will see many will use aluminum alloy curtain wall for structural support and decoration. Because aluminum extrusions profiles have excellent corrosion resistance and strength characteristics. As a professional and experienced manufacturer in the aluminum profile industry, we follow the footsteps of the times and make use of advanced production technology to manufacture different types of industrial aluminum profiles, such as aluminum profiles for curtain walls and aluminum profiles for doors and windows. We will recommend the right type of aluminum profiles for different projects to help you complete your architectural aluminum profiles efficiently and smoothly.

Why aluminum extrusions profiles are suitable for the construction industry?

1. High strength and light weight. Aluminum alloy is has a high weight to strength ratio. This feature makes aluminum extrusions profiles very suitable for applications in construction. For example, the application of aluminum makes large glass spans a common design feature of skyscrapers. In addition, aluminum has a variety of properties, such as fire resistance, that make it safer compared to other building materials.
2. Aluminum extrusions profiles has a smooth and diverse appearance. Aluminum is highly regarded for its smooth appearance. With the continuous innovation of aluminum surface treatment technology, aluminum can show a variety of metallic luster and color to meet different design needs. Aluminum's good formability allows designers to sculpt aluminum more easily to meet aesthetic and structural requirements.
3. Strong durability. Aluminum's durability is one of its indispensable features in modern architecture. Aluminum naturally has excellent corrosion resistance, which is further enhanced especially during the anodizing process. It exhibits excellent weathering properties that enable it to cope with harsh climates, which makes it easier to maintain buildings.

Aluminum alloys commonly used in construction

The most commonly used aluminum alloys in construction today are the 6000 series aluminum alloys. One of the most commonly used aluminum alloys in the 6000 series is the 6063 aluminum alloy. The reason for this is that the 6063 alloy aluminum profiles have excellent workability, corrosion resistance, high strength properties, and more. Therefore, manufacturers can extrude aluminum profiles into any shape. It is also possible to customize aluminum profiles according to customer needs. As a high-quality aluminum profile supplier in the aluminum profile industry, RuiTuo can not only provide common construction aluminum profile products but also provide customized aluminum profiles according to customers' needs.

Specific applications of aluminum profiles extrusion in construction

1. As a decorative metal
Aluminum alloy can be made into various shapes and different surface textures. Therefore, aluminum alloy can be used as a decorative material for any part of the exterior and interior of a building. For example, we commonly see railing handrails, decorative lettering on walls, elevator doors, floors, gates, decorative borders, decorative panels and so on.

2. As structural support
The most common architectural aluminum profile used as structural support is curtain wall aluminum profile. Curtain wall aluminum profile is specially used to support the glass in the building facade. It can support a large piece of glass, simple aluminum profile frame and large pieces of glass form a modern office building appearance. At the same time, it can provide sufficient lighting and a broad view inside the office.

3. As frames for windows and doors
Aluminum extrusions profiles are ideal for the frames of windows and doors. Because windows and doors are often pushed and bumped, and are subject to the elements, aluminum profiles are ideal for framing windows and doors. The unique characteristics of aluminum profiles make it a high-quality material for window and door frames.

Commonly used surface treatments for industrial aluminium profiles

The most commonly used surface treatment for industrial aluminium profiles is anodizing. Anodizing is an electrochemical process by which the surface of a metal is altered to form a protective layer that is durable and corrosion resistant. This protective layer consists of an anodized oxide that is actually part of the metal itself, rather than a simple surface coating. This makes an anodized metal more durable and attractive. Aluminum is a suitable material for anodizing because of its special properties.
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