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How to clean standard aluminum extrusion profiles?

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Standard aluminum extrusion profiles are the most common aluminum metal products in our society nowadays. Due to the abundance of aluminum in the earth, people pay a lot of attention to the research and application of aluminum. Aluminum alloy extrusion profile are superior and have many advantages that other metals cannot match. For example, strong corrosion resistance, high strength, easy to extrusion molding, wear-resistant, heat-resistant and so on. Therefore, it is widely used by people. There are decoration materials, electronic parts, transportation, automotive, construction, aerospace and other fields.
Although standard aluminum extrusion profiles have good performance, they also need to be maintained. If not properly maintained, aluminum profiles can still wear out.

Why is it important to clean standard aluminum extrusion profiles?

Although standard aluminum extrusion profiles are durable and corrosion-resistant, they also need to be cleaned regularly by the user. This is because after a long period of time, many stains, grease, etc. accumulate on the surface of aluminum alloy extrusion profile. Long-term accumulation on the surface of the aluminum profile will also cause damage to the aluminum profile. Although the aluminum profile is very resistant to corrosion, but this does not mean that it is completely free from corrosion. Prolonged erosion of undesirable substances can cause corrosion over time, affecting the function of the aluminum profile.
Therefore, we can clean the standard aluminum extrusion profiles regularly. This will also lengthen the service life of the aluminum profile.

Precautions for cleaning aluminum alloy extrusion profile

Before cleaning aluminum alloy extrusion profile we need to figure out what things we can't do. Especially the use of cleaning agents. So as not to cause unnecessary harm to the aluminum extrusions.
1. Do not use alkaline cleaners such as ammonia. Because these chemicals can damage the surface of aluminum products and cause discoloration.
2. Avoid using bleach. Bleach adheres to the surface o f standard aluminum extrusion profiles, and after a period of time will darken the aluminum and leave unsightly stains.
3. Use a soft rag for cleaning. Sharp or rough cleaning materials may cause scratches to the aluminum profile.
4. Do not pressure wash aluminum frame extrusion profiles. High-pressure cleaning may cause dents and damage to the aluminum profile.
aluminum alloy extrusion profile
Cleaning methods for aluminum frame extrusion profiles

Before cleaning the aluminum frame extrusion profiles we need to determine whether the standard aluminum extrusion profiles has undergone surface treatment. This is because there are aluminum profiles with surface treatments that require specific cleaning methods.
For aluminum profiles with different stains, we need to carry out different cleaning methods.
1. Aluminum alloy extrusion profile with accumulated dirt and grease on the surface. For such stains, we use a rag soaked in detergent water. Then just wipe the surface of the aluminum profile.
2. Some aluminum frame extrusion profiles surfaces have stains that are difficult to remove with ordinary cleaners. For example: discoloration, stubborn stains and aluminum oxide layer. We need to use acidic cleaning agent to deal with. Besides buying special acidic cleaners in supermarkets, we can also use lemon juice, white vinegar and cream of tartar.
Cleaning methods: 
1.You can soak the item in an acidic solution diluted with boiling water for 10-15 minutes. 
2.Use a tablespoon of cream of tartar mixed with a teaspoon of warm water to make a paste, apply it to the hard-to-clean areas on the aluminum and let it sit for 10 minutes, then wipe it off with a clean, damp cloth.
3. Some aluminum sections have lost their luster or have been severely oxidized. Such aluminum profiles require special chemical detergents to treat them.

How to protect the aluminum frame extrusion profiles?

After cleaning the standard aluminum extrusion profiles, what can be done to further protect them? One common way to protect aluminum profiles is to powder coat the surface. Examples include automotive parts, furniture and electrical appliances. The powder coated surface of aluminum profile extrusion frame will not only be smoother and better looking, but it will also protect the aluminum profiles for a long time. This is a very good way to restore the corresponding items.
We Retop produce various types of aluminum alloy extrusion profile, and different aluminum profiles have different surface treatments and performance. Therefore, the cleaning methods for aluminum profiles are also different. If you encounter some problems when cleaning aluminum profiles, please feel free to consult us! If you are interested in aluminum profiles for doors windows, curtain walls, cabinets, automobiles, solar panel aluminum profile and other aluminum profiles for construction, decoration and industry, please contact us!
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