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Aluminium diffuser
6063 t5 aluminum alloy
0.4-20mm or Customized
Coating Standard:
Anodized 8~12μ,Powder coating 60~80μ
Surface Treatment:
Powder coating,anodizing,or customized
Lead Time:
100 kgs per model
Introduction to aluminium diffuser
Vent aluminum profiles are specially designed to regulate air conditioning air or natural air. It is generally square or rectangular. The layout of the aluminum profile is usually long or mesh distribution. There are also aluminum profiles that have different air outlet directions for one vent. Vent aluminum profiles can be used to promote air circulation as well as the direction of air flow.

Round ceiling diffuser in different shapes

There are different shapes of round ceiling diffuser, which are generally transparent, bar spacing, openwork appliqué, dark frame and mesh. Retop produces different shapes of vent aluminum profiles. Customers can choose according to their needs.
Main features of the aluminium profile with diffuser
1. Aluminum alloy vent material has many varieties and full specifications, no welding and easy to adjust the size.
2. Standard size, high precision, high surface finish. Therefore, it is beautiful and good for decorating the interior.
3. The structure of the vent aluminum profile is simple, easy and quick assembly work, high productivity.
4. The surface is anodized, corrosion-resistant and beautiful.
5. The surface is smooth and not easy to get dust. Therefore, it is easy to clean.

Return ceiling diffuser application places

The application of vent aluminum profile is very common in daily life. The most common occasions are commercial buildings, airports, high-speed railways, subways, sports venues, schools, parks, conference rooms, office buildings, hospitals, government buildings, shopping malls and so on.

Colors of aluminium diffuser

The colors of vent aluminum profiles are various, which can be white, black, grey, solid color, imitation wood grain, stone grain, silver grey, gold, champagne gold, rose gold, original color and so on. We support customization and can make various colors.
Produce Advantage
Design Department:
We have experienced designers who can customize aluminum profiles for you or design your own products.We can provide you with research and development, design, extrusion, deep processing one-stop services.
Quality Control:
Control quality from the source. All aluminum ingot suppliers used for production are strictly screened by us. Every production process is strictly tested by our quality inspection department.
Manufacturing capacity :
We have 18 extrusion production lines, three powder coating lines, two anodizing lines, and one CNC deep processing line, guaranteeing an annual output value of 60,000 tons.
20,000 sets of standard profile moulds
with a large number of standard aluminum profile moulds, can save the mould cost. We have introduced technologically advanced equipment, Retop has a strong design and production capacity
Customized Service
ODM & OEM Offered
We own 18 Extruding Lines from 500UST to 4000UST Extruder, 2 Horizontal and 1 Vertical Powder Coating Lines, 2 Anodizing Oxidation Lines, Deep-processing Workshop and CNC High-precision Processing Workshop to meet all the customer's demands for the aluminum products in different levels of alloy, finishes and tooling process. With our strong r&d capabilities, we can provide a one-stop service from custom design, manufacturing, packaging, inspection, logistics to OED/ODM integrated solutions to meet your specific needs.
All kind of shapes andsizescan be customize
Length can be cut asyour usage
Can be matched as your samples or RAL color provided
Good package whicharesuitadle Tor exporting
Customer logo can beprintedon the package
Customize your own Aluminum profile with Retop
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