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Aluminium railing profile system from Retop
Aluminum alloy
Model Number:
37mm or customized
Coating Standard:
Anodized 8~12μ,Powder coating 60~80μ
Surface Treatment:
Lead Time:
100 kgs per model
Aluminium railing profile
Aluminium railing profile system from Retop
Aluminium railing profile is one of the common aluminum profiles for furniture decoration. Retop produces various styles of aluminium railing profile. Different styles of aluminium railing profile can meet different needs of customers. Aluminum railing profiles have the advantages of lightweight, easy to install and corrosion resistance. 
There are different styles and patterns of aluminum profiles for railings, which can be adapted to the needs of different places. If you have a need for aluminium railing profiles, please contact us immediately!

Brief introduction to aluminium railing profile

Aluminium railing profiles are a type of aluminum material used to make railing structures that are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and decorative. These aluminium railing profiles are usually processed through extrusion and forming. Railing aluminum profiles are widely used in construction, interior decoration, landscaping and other fields. Railing aluminum profiles are one of the professional materials for safety protection and landscaping. 
The aluminium railing profiles produced by Retop can include profiles of different shapes and sizes to suit various balustrade styles and needs. In addition, we can also provide different surface treatments, such as anodizing, spraying, and heat transfer printing to meet the decorative requirements of the design. In addition to aluminum profiles for railings, we also offer aluminum profiles for windows, aluminum profiles for curtain walls, aluminum profiles for office isolation, aluminum profiles for automobiles, and many other different types of aluminum profiles.

Types of railing aluminium profile

Types of aluminium railing profiles can be distinguished based on their shape, structure and design style. The following are some common types of aluminium railing profiles:

1.Square tube aluminum profile: It usually has a rectangular or square cross-section and is a common aluminium railing profile for minimalist and modern style designs.
2.Round tube aluminum profile: It has a round cross-section and is often used for soft and smooth designs, suitable for a variety of scenarios.
3.Slotted aluminum profile: It is a slotted structure that can be used to embed other decorative elements or provide additional functionality.
4.Corner aluminum profile: This aluminum profile has an L-shaped or T-shaped cross-section and is suitable for use in corners or to connect railings in different directions.
5.Profiles: Depending on the design needs, the aluminium railing profiles can be customized into various profiles to meet specific styles or requirements.
6.Glass matching aluminum profiles: incorporate glass as part of the railing, often with special designs to support or clamp the glass panels.
7.Decorative aluminum profiles: Balustrade profiles with special decorative patterns or details to enhance the decorative effect.
8.Hand-held aluminum profiles: Designs with a comfortable feel and grip for railings that need to provide support.

Structure of aluminium balustrade profile

The external frame of the railing is particularly important, providing support as the main structural anchor point and can include handrails, internal panels and other accessories. Aluminum profiles are lightweight, strong, durable and corrosion-resistant, making them a common choice for railing construction materials. This material is also suitable for balustrades that seek to be cost-effective while being easy to install.

Application areas for balustrade aluminium profile
Balustrade aluminium profile have a wide range of applications, but are mainly used in housing construction.
1. Residential houses: Aluminium railing profiles are ideal for homes, apartments and villas to improve safety and aesthetics.
2. Commercial buildings: it is also suitable for offices, hotels, shopping malls, and public places to provide modern and safe railing solutions.
3. Outdoor areas: Ideal for balconies, terraces, decks, and patios to provide security and an attractive appearance.
4. Institutional buildings: aluminium railing profiles are also used in large numbers in schools, universities, hospitals and government buildings, meeting safety regulations and providing an elegant touch.

Characteristics of balustrade profile aluminium

1. Material: Aluminium railing profiles are made of high grade aluminum to ensure that they have sufficient strength and durability.
2. Design: Balustrade aluminum profiles are available in a wide range of design options, including straight, curved and customized designs, making installation more flexible.
3. Appearance: Typical aluminum profile suppliers offer a variety of finish options, such as powder coated, anodized and woodgrain finishes, to meet the needs of different design preferences.
4. Matching: A range of accessories including handrails, brackets, connectors and glass panels are available for personalization and easy installation.
5. Safety: The railing system complies with the necessary safety standards and specifications to ensure that the well-being of users is safeguarded.
The surface treatment of aluminium railing profile
There are many kinds of surface treatment methods for aluminium railing profile, and the most common ones are as follows:

1. Anodizing: Anodizing is done by forming a layer of oxide film on the aluminum surface, which improves the corrosion resistance and hardness of the aluminum profile. This treatment usually produces a surface of different colors and is decorative.
2. Electrophoretic coating: Electrophoretic coating is a method of attaching paint to the aluminum surface by electrophoresis to form a uniform, dense coating. This surface treatment provides better corrosion resistance and surface flatness.
3. Spray Coating: Spray coating is a method of spraying powdered paint onto the aluminum surface and then baking it at high temperatures to form a solid surface coating. This method provides rich color choices and has good weather and abrasion resistance.
4. Wood grain heat transfer: Through heat transfer technology, wood grain patterns or other textures are transferred to the aluminum surface to make it look like wood. This treatment combines the advantages of metal and the appearance of wood, enhancing the decorative properties.
aluminum profiles for railingsaluminum profiles for railings

Parameters of aluminum profiles for railings
Product name aluminium railing profile
Aluminum profile product range aluminum profile aluminum channel, U-channel, glass railing, frameless guardrail, aluminum railing glass clamps, etc.
Applicable system type  Aluminum balcony glass railing Glass handrail Balcony railing, frameless glass railing Railing handrail Balcony railing, etc.
Aluminum alloy 5000 series, 6000 series, 7000 series
Temperament T5-T8
Shape customized
Color customized
Surface treatment Grinding, anodizing, wood grain, powder coating, sand blasting, electrophoresis, brushing, polishing, etc.
CNC deep processing Cutting, drilling, machining, punching, bending, tapping, etc.
Certificates CE,ISO,SGS,TUV,ROHS
MOQ  500KG per profile

Customized design of railing aluminium profile

There are many kinds of designs for aluminium railing profiles. Because balustrades need to fit the purpose of different scenarios. For example, riverside, balcony, staircase, etc.. The design of aluminum profile balustrade corresponding to different uses is also different.
There are also different styles that customers like, some like to support the glass balustrade aluminum profiles, some like all horizontal balustrades to cover the balustrade, some like all vertical balustrades to cover the balustrade aluminum profiles. There are also people's different needs for the surface treatment of balustrade aluminum profiles and different color needs.
Therefore there can be many different kinds of railing aluminium profiles, and different kinds of aluminum profiles for balustrades can be realized mainly because aluminum profile manufacturers can provide customized design. Retop as a professional aluminum profile supplier, can provide various railing aluminium profile.
aluminium railing profiles

Why choose Retop's balustrade aluminium profile?

1. Durability: Aluminium railing profiles have excellent durability and are resistant to corrosion, rust and weathering, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor harsh environmental conditions.
2. High strength: The railing system is carefully designed to provide superior strength and stability. Therefore it can withstand huge loads and ensure the safety of users.
3. Low maintenance: Aluminium balustrade profiles are low maintenance, no painting or staining required, just easy cleaning with soap and water, a convenient and cost-effective option.
4. Aesthetically pleasing: The railing system has a sleek, modern appearance that enhances the look of the overall structure. A wide range of designs, finishes and color options are available, allowing for customization to suit different architectural styles.
5. Wide range of applications: Aluminium railing profiles can be widely used for stairs, balconies, decks, patios and pool areas. It is compatible with different building materials for both residential and commercial environments.

What is the price of Retop aluminum profile for railing?

1. The price of Retop aluminium railing profile depends on factors such as design, specifications, finish options and customization services.
2. Length of Retop aluminum balustrade profiles: Costs are usually calculated per foot/meter, taking into account the length of the required balustrade.
3. Other factors affecting the price of aluminium railing profiles include the complexity of the installation, the location of the project, and the accessories needed for the aluminum profiles.

In order to get an accurate price, it is recommended to contact our Retop aluminum profile suppliers directly and we will provide a detailed quote based on the specific project requirements.
Produce Advantage
Design Department:
We have experienced designers who can customize aluminum profiles for you or design your own products.We can provide you with research and development, design, extrusion, deep processing one-stop services.
Quality Control:
Control quality from the source. All aluminum ingot suppliers used for production are strictly screened by us. Every production process is strictly tested by our quality inspection department.
Manufacturing capacity :
We have 18 extrusion production lines, three powder coating lines, two anodizing lines, and one CNC deep processing line, guaranteeing an annual output value of 60,000 tons.
20,000 sets of standard profile moulds
with a large number of standard aluminum profile moulds, can save the mould cost. We have introduced technologically advanced equipment, Retop has a strong design and production capacity
Customized Service
ODM & OEM Offered
We own 18 Extruding Lines from 500UST to 4000UST Extruder, 2 Horizontal and 1 Vertical Powder Coating Lines, 2 Anodizing Oxidation Lines, Deep-processing Workshop and CNC High-precision Processing Workshop to meet all the customer's demands for the aluminum products in different levels of alloy, finishes and tooling process. With our strong r&d capabilities, we can provide a one-stop service from custom design, manufacturing, packaging, inspection, logistics to OED/ODM integrated solutions to meet your specific needs.
All kind of shapes andsizescan be customize
Length can be cut asyour usage
Can be matched as your samples or RAL color provided
Good package whicharesuitadle Tor exporting
Customer logo can beprintedon the package
Customize your own Aluminum profile with Retop
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