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Aluminium cable trays
Alloy 6000 series
Deep Processing:
Surface Treatment:
Mill finish,anodizing,powder coated,sandblasting
Delivery Time:
8-14 days
10-15 days, extra 10 days for mould production
Main functions of cable tray aluminum
1. Wire management: Using aluminium cable trays to install and organize wires and cables helps to prevent wire confusion, intertwining and damage.
2. Space optimization: The channel cable tray saves space by lifting wires and cables off the floor or walls.
3. Ventilation and cooling: The design of the wire rack facilitates air circulation, which in turn helps to cool the cables and wires. This helps to improve cable performance.
4. Easy maintenance: Alignment racks will help people to locate the wires more easily. So it helps in maintaining, repairing and upgrading the wires.
5. Flexible and adjustable: The channel cable trays are adjustable and the path of the cables can be changed according to the need.
6. Safety: Wire racks help to place wires and cables in untouchable locations, reducing the risk of accidental contact.

Brief introduction of aluminium cable trays

Aluminium cable trays is an essential auxiliary equipment for modern communication equipment. It supports the full weight of cables, provides cabling, and functions as a top mounting pivot for equipment. By using aluminum profiles for wire racks it helps to beautify the room. We Retop cable tray manufacturer can supply various forms of aluminum profiles. In addition, we also produce aluminum profiles for led lights, curtain walls aluminum profiles, aluminium windows and doors, and so on. Please feel free to consult! 

Accessories of the channel cable tray

The accessories of the aluminum profile mainly include single-hole connectors, double-hole connectors, four-hole direct connecting strips, folding U-shaped brackets, folding top fixings, folding wire hangers, etc. The aluminum profile can be installed on the top of the cabinet or on the floor. You need to choose the right accessories according to the actual situation.

Different aluminium cable tray types 

1. Straight wire rack aluminum profile: Straight wire rack aluminum profile is used to create horizontal or vertical cable routing path.
2. Curved: Curved cable tray aluminums have a curved design and can be used to guide cables along complex paths, such as around corners or pipes.
3. T-type aluminum profiles: T-type aluminium cable trays have a "T"-shaped cross-section and are often used to support multiple cable pathways.
4. Suspension racking aluminum profile: Suspension aluminium cable trays is used to suspend cables from the ceiling, usually for lighting and power distribution.
5. Angle type aluminum profiles: Angle type aluminum profiles have an L-shaped or angle-shaped cross-section and are used to connect two cable paths.
6. Aluminum rectangular profiles: Aluminum rectangular profiles have a rectangular cross-section and can be used to create spacious cable paths. They are therefore suitable for large numbers of cables or fiber optic cables.
7. Hybrid aluminum profiles: These profiles combine different shapes and features to meet the requirements of a specific project.
Strengths of aluminum profile for cable tray
1. Compared with stainless steel cable tray, aluminum alloy cable tray is much lighter in weight, so it is easy to install.
2. Good load-bearing effect, and beautiful and convenient, conducive to future maintenance testing and repair.
3. There are various types of aluminum profiles for cable trays, which are suitable for highly corrosive environments such as power plants, chemicals and petroleum.
4. Aluminum alloy wire rack, there is a fully open bare frame, can be ceiling wiring, along the wall wiring and vertical rack wiring.

Using scope of aluminium cable trays

Aluminum cable tray has high corrosion resistance. It is very suitable for power plants, chemical plants, petrochemical and other highly corrosive areas. There are also medium-sized server rooms, large server rooms, telecommunication server rooms, network server rooms, data centers, telecommunication bases and so on.

Installation ways of the aluminum cable

1. Upper alignment frame. Nowadays, the data center integrated cabling is mainly used in the upper alignment. Because the upper frame is easy to maintain and heat dissipation, but also can play the role of rodent-proof, waterproof.
2. Top cabinet installation. In the actual installation of the data center, due to high floors, special top structure or the owner does not want to destroy the ceiling. And other reasons can not be installed hangers. In this case, you can choose the top of the cabinet to install the channel cable tray.
3. Ground support installation is to install the aluminium cable trays on the ground, commonly used in outdoor base stations.

What does the aluminium cable trays include?

Aluminium cable trays usually include the body of the rack, connectors, clips, brackets and supports, guides, corners and T-pieces, end caps and protectors, wiring trays, labels and signs, cable management accessories and more.
Produce Advantage
Design Department:
We have experienced designers who can customize aluminum profiles for you or design your own products.We can provide you with research and development, design, extrusion, deep processing one-stop services.
Quality Control:
Control quality from the source. All aluminum ingot suppliers used for production are strictly screened by us. Every production process is strictly tested by our quality inspection department.
Manufacturing capacity :
We have 18 extrusion production lines, three powder coating lines, two anodizing lines, and one CNC deep processing line, guaranteeing an annual output value of 60,000 tons.
20,000 sets of standard profile moulds
with a large number of standard aluminum profile moulds, can save the mould cost. We have introduced technologically advanced equipment, Retop has a strong design and production capacity
Customized Service
ODM & OEM Offered
We own 18 Extruding Lines from 500UST to 4000UST Extruder, 2 Horizontal and 1 Vertical Powder Coating Lines, 2 Anodizing Oxidation Lines, Deep-processing Workshop and CNC High-precision Processing Workshop to meet all the customer's demands for the aluminum products in different levels of alloy, finishes and tooling process. With our strong r&d capabilities, we can provide a one-stop service from custom design, manufacturing, packaging, inspection, logistics to OED/ODM integrated solutions to meet your specific needs.
All kind of shapes andsizescan be customize
Length can be cut asyour usage
Can be matched as your samples or RAL color provided
Good package whicharesuitadle Tor exporting
Customer logo can beprintedon the package
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