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2020 t slot profile aluminium
Aluminium Alloy
5.8-6.0M,customized size
Surface Treatment:
Mill Finsih,Anodizing,Powder Coating
Color natural/silver/gold,etc
2020 t slot profile aluminium
T slot profile aluminium is a common material for frame construction. T slot aluminum profile is lightweight, easy and flexible to install and adjust. At the same time, it has the ability to withstand strength and durability. Therefore, most of the people choose to use aluminium profile t-slot, which are extruded using a systematic aluminum extrusion pattern. There are professional accessories to assemble these profiles, and T slot aluminum profiles and these accessories together form a systematic working frame table. Users can flexibly adjust these frames to their needs.

Introduction to t slot profile aluminium

T slot profile aluminium from Retop can be combined in various ways to create a variety of structures. For example, T-slots can be used to build frame systems, workbenches, machine guarding frames, etc. T-slots are strong, tough and corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for frame construction. In addition to the aluminum frames, we also offer matching mounting accessories. If you have any other special requirements, please contact us for a customized service!

Common aluminium profile t-slot size

After years of experience in communicating and trading with our customers, we believe there are a few t slot profile aluminium sizes that are most commonly used. For example: 2020, 3030, 4040, 2040, 4080. These figures refer to the length and width of the T slot aluminum profile and the cross section, and the dimensions are in mm. of course there are many other T slot aluminum profile dimensions.

Technical information of t slot profile aluminium
Place of origin Henan, China
Delivery time 8-14 days
Temper T3-T8
Application Industry
Shape Customization
Alloy Or not Is Alloy
Brand name Retop
Processing service Bending, decoiling, welding, punching, cutting
Product name Extruded aluminum profile
Material  Aluminum alloy 6063
Anodized color Natural/silver/gold,etc
Length 5.8-6.0M,customized size
Type ODM aluminum extrusions profiles
Usage Aluminum extruded profiles
Feature Strong, stylish, durable, corrosion-resistant
Powder coating color Bronze, white, grey, black, red,etc.
Certification ISO9001:2008/ ISO14001:2004/ OHSAS 18001:1999/PPG/TUV

Main features of aluminum t-slotted extrusion

1. Various sizes: We produce t slot profile aluminium in various sizes. We have a wide range of T-slot aluminum profiles to meet your various needs. We can also open new molds to make new T slot aluminum profile structure for you.
2. High quality of aluminum profiles: All of our aluminum profiles are made of high strength European standard aluminum. And we have strict production process and quality inspection system. We can ensure that the aluminum profiles you receive are of the best quality.
3. Height Flexibility: T slot profile aluminium can be adjusted and restructured at any time. It is only necessary to readjust or reassemble by adjusting screws.
4. Easy to install: Aluminum t slot extrusion does not need to be welded, it only needs to be assembled freely according to your needs. The installation of this aluminum extrusion is also very simple, only need to be assembled with solid pieces and fittings can be completed.
5. Wide application: The use of aluminium t slot frame profile extrusion involves factory equipments, furniture, building, transportation and so on.

Applications for t-slot aluminum extrusion

T slot profile aluminiums can be applied in many occasions:.

1. Application in factories: in the assembly of large production lines, the installation of automated equipment, the construction of workbenches, industrial fences, guards, screens, industrial staircases and so on.
2. Logistics and transportation: container, ladder manufacturing.
3. New energy industry: battery display stand, car battery box, car mold holder, etc.
4. Intelligent manufacturing: aluminum profile equipment bracket, machinery protection fence, automation equipment protective cover, etc.

Advantages of t slot profile aluminium

1. Saving labor cost: the installation and splicing of T slot aluminum profiles do not need a lot of manpower. And the process of splicing is also very simple. You don't need to ask a professional installer to help you assemble, you just need to have a simple learning to finish the splicing.
2. Strong adaptability: people can adjust the T slot aluminum profile at any time according to their needs. It is only necessary to dismantle the fittings and reinstall them. This is incomparable to structures made of other materials.
3. Beautiful appearance: t slot aluminum profiles are available in various surface treatments. Generally, anodizing is used. Anodizing can enhance the corrosion resistance and strength of aluminum profiles. Meanwhile, the silver-white appearance is also beautiful.
4. Simple maintenance: aluminium t slot frame profile surface is smooth, does not absorb dust, is very easy to maintain and care. Just need to wipe it regularly to keep it clean.
What is the material of T slot aluminum profile?
T slot profile aluminiums are generally manufactured from 6063 aluminum alloy. 6063 aluminum alloy has excellent workability, strong weldability and plating, good toughness, strong corrosion resistance and excellent oxidation. Most aluminum profiles are made of 6063 aluminum alloy, which meets the demand for strength and toughness.

Surface treatment of t slot profiles aluminum

The surface treatment of T-slot aluminum profiles is generally anodic oxidation. After anodic oxidation technology, the surface of aluminum t-slotted extrusion will be smoother, and the color of the treated surface is generally silver-white. The anodized finish can be used in many different colors, if you have any color needs, we can help you customize it.
Aluminium t slot frame profile extrusion accessories

We have a full range of T slot aluminum profile accessories, making it easy for you to build aluminum frames and equipment to your specific requirements. Common T-slot aluminum extrusion connectors include T-heads, angle heads, and flat heads, which are secured by bolts and nuts.

Customization services provided by Retop

We will provide a series of customization services to our customers. This helps customers to use aluminum profiles in a better way. It helps customers to save the time incurred by using T-slot profile aluminum . At the same time eliminating other cumbersome profile handling matters.

1. Cutting size: If customers buy a certain amount of aluminum profiles, we provide aluminum profile cutting service. We will cut according to your demand. The cut T slot aluminum profiles can also help customers save transportation and storage space.
2. Angle Cutting: We can also angle cut the aluminium profile t-slots according to your needs. Angle cutting can help customers to use T slot aluminum profile more creatively.
3. M5 tapping service: M5 tapping service means that it is possible to make safe and simple connections between aluminum profiles and other parts. 
Global selling of t slot 2020 aluminium extrusion profiles

Our t slot profile aluminium have been sold to many countries. Customers have various application purposes, some of them use the aluminum profile to make cabinet frame supports, some of them use it to build their own factory assembly line frames and workbenches, and some of them only use it to build display stands. After receiving our aluminum profiles, the customers all expressed that they are very satisfied with our products.

Aluminium profile t-slot offered by Retop

1. First of all, the quality of T Slot Aluminum Profiles produced by Retop is very good, we have high quality aluminum raw materials, professional production equipment, and strict quality supervision process. All the finished products produced are of high standard.
2. Systematic t slot profile aluminium products. We have all the supporting products related to t slot aluminum profile. We will recommend the right aluminum profile products and related accessories to our customers.
3. Besides t slot aluminum profiles, we produce many other profiles, such as automotive aluminum profiles, radiator aluminum profiles, basic aluminum profiles, solar energy aluminum profiles and so on. We can meet your many needs.
4. T slot profile aluminium can be customized. We accept the special T slot customization needs from our customers. We will design new T slot aluminum profiles according to the parameters using advanced digital equipment.
5. Currently we have many different aluminum T-slotted extrusion samples and stocks in our factory. They can meet different needs, welcome to inquire our products.

What is the price of aluminum t-slotted extrusion?

When choosing a t slot profile aluminium, many customers consider the price of that profile.The price of a T slot aluminum profile can be affected by a variety of factors. Below are a few suggestions for customers in choosing the right price for T slot aluminum profiles:

1. Factors affecting the price of T slot aluminum profiles include material, size, surface treatment and production process. Customers can determine what type of T slot aluminum profile to use according to the occasion or project they need to use.
2. Want to get cost-effective t slot profile aluminiums. Customers can find several manufacturers to compare. You can compare the price of the product, the quality of the product, and the after-sales service of the product. Choose the T slot aluminum profile that best meets your expectation or budget.
3. Generally, the higher quality aluminum profiles, the higher the price. If you are considering using a quality product to complete your project, the price of the product will not be too low. Quality aluminum profiles have better durability and stability, which helps in the long term use and maintenance of the project.

The high quality and low price of aluminum profiles produced by Retop is the first choice of many aluminum profile users. We will recommend the right aluminum profile according to your needs. We can also recommend the right product according to your budget. If you have other customization needs, we can also realize them.
Produce Advantage
Design Department:
We have experienced designers who can customize aluminum profiles for you or design your own products.We can provide you with research and development, design, extrusion, deep processing one-stop services.
Quality Control:
Control quality from the source. All aluminum ingot suppliers used for production are strictly screened by us. Every production process is strictly tested by our quality inspection department.
Manufacturing capacity :
We have 18 extrusion production lines, three powder coating lines, two anodizing lines, and one CNC deep processing line, guaranteeing an annual output value of 60,000 tons.
20,000 sets of standard profile moulds
with a large number of standard aluminum profile moulds, can save the mould cost. We have introduced technologically advanced equipment, Retop has a strong design and production capacity
Customized Service
ODM & OEM Offered
We own 18 Extruding Lines from 500UST to 4000UST Extruder, 2 Horizontal and 1 Vertical Powder Coating Lines, 2 Anodizing Oxidation Lines, Deep-processing Workshop and CNC High-precision Processing Workshop to meet all the customer's demands for the aluminum products in different levels of alloy, finishes and tooling process. With our strong r&d capabilities, we can provide a one-stop service from custom design, manufacturing, packaging, inspection, logistics to OED/ODM integrated solutions to meet your specific needs.
All kind of shapes andsizescan be customize
Length can be cut asyour usage
Can be matched as your samples or RAL color provided
Good package whicharesuitadle Tor exporting
Customer logo can beprintedon the package
Customize your own Aluminum profile with Retop
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