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Standard aluminium profiles for aluminum rectangular, round tubing
6063/6082/6061 Aluminium Alloy
Coating Standard:
Anodized 8~12μ,Powder coating 60~80μ
Surface Treatment:
Mill Finsih,Anodizing,Powder Coating
Lead Time:
100 kgs per model
10-15 days, extra 10 days for mould production
Standard aluminium profiles for aluminum rectangular, round tubing
Standard aluminium profiles have a wide range of applications. Basic aluminum profiles are lightweight, strong and have good corrosion resistance. We use basic aluminum profiles in all aspects of life, such as construction, transportation and industry. The role of general aluminum profiles is mainly to build the basic structure and support. And, it is one of the preferred materials in many fields.

Introduction to standard aluminium profiles

Standard aluminium profiles have a simple structure and generally refer to square tube aluminum profiles, round tube aluminum profiles, aluminum flat bar, aluminum angle profiles, channel aluminum profiles and so on. These aluminum profiles can be extruded, cast, and other processes. Basic aluminum profiles can be customized into various shapes and sizes to suit different customer application scenarios. In many occasions, ordinary aluminum profiles are widely used due to their many advantages. Retop produces various types of basic aluminum profiles, accepts customization, and has received support from many customers! Please feel free to inquire about our basic aluminum profiles.

Aluminum rectangular tubing

Aluminum rectangular tubing, as the name suggests, is a square tubular aluminum profile. This aluminum profile is hollow in the middle. Aluminum rectangular tubing is generally manufactured by extruding and stretching processes. The thickness, length and width of square tube aluminum profiles can be customized as per the requirement. This type of aluminum section is widely used in house building and structure, for example, house top decoration, house structure frame support, frame of hand railings, etc.

The raw materials for square tube aluminum profiles are generally 6061 and 6063. 6061 aluminum alloy has better corrosion resistance and weldability than 6063 aluminum alloy, which is more malleable. 6063 aluminum alloy is more malleable. And both types of aluminum alloys have their own characteristics, so the corresponding alloy should be selected according to the application.

Aluminum round tubing 

Round tubular aluminum profiles are aluminum alloys with a round cross-section. Again this type of aluminum profile can be customized for different application scenarios. For example, the wall thickness, the length, the diameter of the round tube, etc. The main areas of application for round tube aluminum profiles are in the construction industry, industry and transportation manufacturing. For example, railings, handrails, machine parts, etc. Due to the corrosion resistance and long service life of this round tube aluminum profile, it can also be used for piping systems.

Aluminum channel profile

Aluminum channel profiles are generally U-shaped in cross-section. Since it is an open form aluminum extrusion, it can be used with many other materials. It can also be easily installed and connected. As a result, aluminum channel profiles are very versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. It can be used in industrial manufacturing, mechanical supports, conveyor systems, exhibition erection, etc.

Aluminum flat bar profiles

Aluminum bar profiles are aluminum profiles that are solid and have a rectangular cross-section. Aluminum bar profiles can be used to make window and door frames, curtain wall structures, stair railings and balustrades, car body structures, furniture, etc. Due to the solid material, aluminum bars are more durable and less prone to breakage and wear.

Aluminum angle profile

Aluminum angle profile is a type of aluminum material with an angular cross-section, which is commonly used for corner joints, edge protection and structural reinforcement. This type of aluminum profile is mainly used in construction, manufacturing and decoration. It is especially used in decorative projects.
Using scope of general aluminium profile
The application of general aluminium profile involves a number of fields, among which the most frequently applied fields are the following:

1. Construction field: Standard aluminum profiles are most frequently used in the construction field. For example, they are used for door and window frames, curtain track systems, curtain wall systems, staircase handrails, fences, columns, and other building structure components.
2. Transportation: Basic aluminum profiles are also used in body structures, interiors and other parts of vehicles such as cars, trains and airplanes.
3. Furniture decoration: Used in furniture manufacturing, such as closet, display racks, furniture frames, etc.
4. Machinery manufacturing: The ordinary aluminium profile in the manufacture of mechanical equipment, frames, brackets, drive systems, etc.
5. Solar industry: It is also used in the manufacture of solar energy stents, frames, photovoltaic cell module support structure.
6. Sports equipment: Round tube basic aluminum profile is mainly used in the manufacture of bicycles, golf clubs, hiking poles and other sports equipment.

Advantages of ordinary aluminium profile

1. Simple structure, can be applied in a wider range. The structure of basic aluminum profile allows it to be applied in many other fields. It can also be connected with many other accessories and objects.
2. Customizable. A variety of different sizes of basic aluminum profiles can be adapted to a variety of application scenarios. We support the customization of various aluminum profiles, in addition to the basic aluminum profiles, there are also aluminum profiles for doors and windows, aluminum profiles for cabinets, aluminum profiles for T-slots, etc. We can customize the aluminum profiles according to the customer's specific use. We will recommend the right size and style according to the customer's specific use.
3. Low production cost of basic aluminum profiles. The structure of basic aluminum profiles is simple, and most factories have these basic molds. It can be produced in large scale. Therefore, the cost of making these basic aluminum profiles in factories will be lower. Customers will also save more cost.
4. Simple production process. Due to the simple structure of the basic aluminum profiles, these aluminum profiles are generally material and do not require surface treatment and so on. Therefore the production process is also a bit simpler.
5. Sturdy and stable: Although the structure of the basic aluminum profile is simple, but the amount of material, the structure is solid and less prone to problems.
6. Recycling: Basic aluminum profiles have a higher recycling rate. Basic aluminum profiles generally do not go through the spraying, anodic oxidation of the surface treatment, so the recycling of aluminum alloy content of impurities is less, recycling rate is higher.
7. Good conductor: Aluminum material has good electrical conductivity. In real life, aluminum is often used as an electrical conductor, such as power transmission lines, cables, electrical equipment, conductive parts. Therefore, aluminum will be widely used in the field of electronics and electrical engineering.

What is the price of standard aluminium profile?

The price of standard aluminium profile is not fixed, it varies with different factors.

1. International aluminum prices. The rise or fall of raw materials will directly affect the price of aluminum profiles. Customers can check what the international aluminum price is before buying aluminum profiles.
2. The supply and demand of standard aluminum profiles: The price of aluminum profiles will fall if there is an oversupply of aluminum profiles, and the price of aluminum profiles will rise if there is an undersupply of aluminum profiles.
3. The specifications of the ordinary aluminum profiles: If you need the basic aluminum profiles with larger specifications, the price will be higher. For example, the length and width of the basic aluminum profile, wall thickness and so on.
4. The quantity of standard aluminum profiles you need: In general, the more quantity you buy, the lower the price offered by the aluminum profile supplier will be. We are the preferred manufacturer for many customers because we produce aluminum profiles with reasonable price and good quality at low price.
5. Raw materials for basic aluminum profiles: High-quality raw materials usually have better corrosion resistance, strength and toughness. Such aluminum alloy will have a longer service life and better stability. Therefore, high quality raw materials will cost more.

How do I choose an aluminum profile?

Choosing the right aluminum profile generally involves a process of defining the requirements, determining the specifications, determining the quantity and choosing the supplier.

1. Define the application requirements: First of all, determine what you need the aluminum profile to be used for. This is because different types of aluminum profiles may be needed for different applications.
2. Selection of aluminum alloy: Aluminum profiles are available in different alloys, all of which have different characteristics. For example, 6000 series, 7000 series, 8000 series and so on. They have different characteristics and different applications. We need to choose the corresponding aluminum alloy series according to the needs.
3. Determine the specifications of aluminum profiles: These specifications generally include the shape, length, width, height, thickness, etc. of the aluminum profiles. Some may also need to customize the special structure of the aluminum profile.
4. Whether surface treatment is required: Some aluminum profiles must be surface treated, because such aluminum profiles not only have a functional role but also have a decorative function. According to the demand to determine the surface treatment is anodic oxidation, electrophoretic coating or powder coating.
5. The number of aluminum alloy: The number of aluminum profiles purchased will affect the purchase cost. We can compare several aluminum profile suppliers and, within our budget, choose the most cost-effective aluminum alloy.
6. Quality supplier: We have to choose a quality aluminum profile supplier. We can check the supplier's history, customer reviews and product quality. A good supplier can guarantee to have high quality products and excellent after-sales service.

Customized service of standard aluminium extrusions-from Retop

1. Shape and size: We will customize the shape and size of special aluminum profiles according to customer's design drawings or specific requirements. To meet the needs of specific projects.
2. Surface treatment: We Retop provide different surface treatment, such as anodic oxidation, powder coating, wood grain transfer printing and so on. Customers can also specify the color and style.
3. Accessory processing: We also provide deep processing services, such as cutting, drilling, stamping, etc., to suit specific assembly needs.
4. Material selection: According to customer's requirements, Retop will provide different types of alloy material selection to meet the needs of special environments and applications.
5. Quantity and delivery: We can provide flexible production schedule according to customer's order quantity and time requirement to ensure on-time delivery.
Produce Advantage
Design Department:
We have experienced designers who can customize aluminum profiles for you or design your own products.We can provide you with research and development, design, extrusion, deep processing one-stop services.
Quality Control:
Control quality from the source. All aluminum ingot suppliers used for production are strictly screened by us. Every production process is strictly tested by our quality inspection department.
Manufacturing capacity :
We have 18 extrusion production lines, three powder coating lines, two anodizing lines, and one CNC deep processing line, guaranteeing an annual output value of 60,000 tons.
20,000 sets of standard profile moulds
with a large number of standard aluminum profile moulds, can save the mould cost. We have introduced technologically advanced equipment, Retop has a strong design and production capacity
Customized Service
ODM & OEM Offered
We own 18 Extruding Lines from 500UST to 4000UST Extruder, 2 Horizontal and 1 Vertical Powder Coating Lines, 2 Anodizing Oxidation Lines, Deep-processing Workshop and CNC High-precision Processing Workshop to meet all the customer's demands for the aluminum products in different levels of alloy, finishes and tooling process. With our strong r&d capabilities, we can provide a one-stop service from custom design, manufacturing, packaging, inspection, logistics to OED/ODM integrated solutions to meet your specific needs.
All kind of shapes andsizescan be customize
Length can be cut asyour usage
Can be matched as your samples or RAL color provided
Good package whicharesuitadle Tor exporting
Customer logo can beprintedon the package
Customize your own Aluminum profile with Retop
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