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How to choose aluminium curtain wall profile?

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Nowadays, aluminium curtain wall profiles are also becoming more and more widespread in society. High-quality curtain aluminum wall profiles are people's first choice. The most common applications are office buildings, buildings, hotels and so on. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Curtain wall aluminum profiles can effectively protect the exterior of the building and provide structural support. At the same time, it can add a sense of technology and different styles to the building.

Nowadays there are various types of aluminium curtain wall profiles in the market. Therefore, how to choose the right aluminum curtain wall profile has become a major concern for most customers. The following are a few suggestions provided by Retop on choosing the right aluminum curtain wall profile:

Aluminum curtain wall features

Aluminum curtain walls are aluminum profiles that can support a large area of wall. Therefore, curtain wall aluminum profiles are usually assembled with large pieces of glass, metal or thin stone with each other. Generally, curtain wall aluminum profiles are wider, thicker and more structurally stable. Aluminum curtain wall profiles are lightweight and easy to install which can help builders save a lot of time. Due to the material of curtain wall aluminum profile, it is corrosion-resistant, dirt-resistant and sturdy. Therefore, most people use this material as the exterior curtain wall.
Aluminum curtain wall features

Factors to consider when choosing aluminum curtain wall

People use aluminum curtain wall profiles for a long time, so choosing aluminum curtain wall profiles is an important step. The following factors need to be considered when choosing a quality aluminum profile for curtain wall at the same price:

1. surface coating

The surface coating is the part of the aluminum profile that most directly contacts the outside world. High quality surface treatment is conducive to creating high quality aluminum curtain wall profiles. Customers should compare several aluminum profile suppliers when selecting curtain wall aluminum profiles, and carefully check whether the surface of the curtain wall aluminum profiles is detailed and smooth with acne.

2. Good heat insulation ability

As the external part of the building, curtain wall aluminium should have good heat insulation performance. Insulating the external extreme high temperature is one of the basic functions of curtain wall aluminum profiles. When choosing an aluminum profile manufacturer, you can focus on asking about the thermal insulation of the aluminum profile. You can also ask the manufacturer to come up with effective experimental results for demonstration.

3. Durable

Curtain wall aluminum profile is the most needed feature of robustness. As the external support of the building, it needs to be very strong. At the same time, it needs to be corrosion-resistant and can withstand the wind and sun. Only with these properties can curtain wall aluminum profile have long-term stable performance.
aluminum curtain wall

Why choose aluminium profile from Retop?

Retop has many years of production experience and strict quality inspection system. We can ensure that the aluminum profiles we produce are of high quality. You can rest assured to buy the curtain wall aluminum profiles you need.
1.  High quality aluminum profile quality

2.  All of our aluminum profiles are of the highest quality. After testing, our products have passed the international certification. We have corresponding certificates. Besides that, we are constantly innovating and developing, constantly researching new aluminum profile structures and manufacturing methods. Make sure you can keep up with the development of the times.

3. Technologically advanced products

We have high-quality production equipment and precise production instruments, which can ensure the precision and quality of the aluminum profiles we produce. We can make unique curtain wall aluminum profiles according to your needs.

4. Perfect quality supervision system

Our aluminum profiles have special quality supervision from the first step of production. Each production process is ensured to be correct, knowing the final step of packaging and shipping.
aluminium profile from Retop


Using aluminium curtain wall profiles is the choice of most customers, but choosing the right aluminium profile curtain walls needs to consider several factors in conjunction with your needs.
If you are looking for a quality aluminum profile manufacturer, Retop can meet your needs. Please let us know your specific requirements, and we will recommend the right products and offer suggestions.
aluminium curtain wall profiles
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