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What kind surface treatment you can provide?

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Henan Retop Co., Ltd. provides customers with a variety of aluminum surface treatment options, including mill, anodized, powder coating, wood grain, electrophoresis, polishing, and so on, we provide you with a complete solution to meet your requirements.
Mill Finish: Aluminum Bars
It means the natural appearance of aluminum when it comes from the extruding mill. It is with no external mechanical or chemical finishing.
-- Color: Silver White
-- Mill finish is a very lightly oxidized film and will wipe off with your bare finger and immediately form.

Putting the profile into oxidation tank for oxidation until its surface forms a protective
oxidation film.
Features: Aluminum Bars
-- The thickness of oxidation film can be formed as you require. Common oxidation film: 1.5~4μm
-- Wear-resistance, weather-proof, and corrosion resistance.
-- It can be widely used for commercial and industrial profiles.
-- As the substrate, its surface can form various colors, which can meet the client’s demand mostly.

Powder Coating:
After chromizing, put a layer of powder coating on the surface of the aluminum profile.
-- Chromizing increases rust prevention and the adhesion of powder coating.
-- RAL Colors are available. Aluminum Bars
-- Good coating performance: its coating film is up to 50-80μm for one time.
-- Its surface is quite beautiful and has been widely used for decoration.

After anodizing for aluminum profile, we electrophorese different colors, which makes its surface much more bright.
-- Strong hardness and impact resistance.
-- High adhesion and not easy to fall off.
-- Much more corrosion resistance and alkali resistance.
-- Its surface is colorful, beautiful, and bright.
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