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What are the extrusion steps of industrial aluminum profiles?

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Aluminum extrusion is a plastic processing method that applies external force to the metal blank placed in the extrusion cylinder to make it flow out from a specific die hole to obtain the desired cross-sectional shape and size.

Industrial aluminum extrusion molding process steps:

1. Hang the aluminum rods to the material rack of the long rod hot shear furnace, so that the aluminum rods are laid flat on the material rack; ensure that there is no stacking of rods, and avoid accidents and mechanical failures;

2. Standardly operate the aluminum rod into the furnace for heating, and the temperature can reach about 480 ℃ (normal production temperature) after heating at room temperature for about 3.5 hours, and it can be produced after holding for 1 hour;

3. The aluminum rod is heated and the mold is placed in the mold furnace for heating (about 480 ℃);

4. After the heating and heat preservation of the aluminum rod and the mold is completed, put the mold into the die seat of the extruder;

5. Operate the long rod hot shear furnace to cut the aluminum rod and transport it to the raw material inlet of the extruder; put it into the extrusion pad and operate the extruder to extrude the raw material;

6. The aluminum profile enters the cooling air stage through the extrusion discharge hole, and is pulled and sawed to a fixed length by the tractor; the cooling bed moving table transports the aluminum profile to the adjustment table, and modulates and corrects the aluminum profile; the corrected aluminum profile The profiles are transported from the conveying table to the finished product table for fixed-length sawing;

7. Workers will frame the finished aluminum profiles and transport them to the aging charge truck; operate the aging furnace to push the finished aluminum profiles into the furnace for aging, about 200 ℃, and keep it for 2 hours;

8. After the furnace is cooled, the finished aluminum profile with ideal hardness and standard size is obtained.
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