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Retop aluminum exports South America aluminum profiles

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    At the beginning of the New Trade Festival, Retop Aluminum has undertaken orders for more than 800 tons of profiles exported to Chile. The leaders of Retop aluminum industry attach great importance to it. According to the contract intention between the sales department and the customer, all departments are required to clarify the key points and goals, cooperate closely, seize the time node, speed up the production progress, strictly follow the contract signed with the customer, and complete the project on time with high quality and quantity. sales order. Up to now, more than 800 tons of export profiles in 40 containers have been delivered, and they are being packed and sent to Qingdao for shipment.

    In March, Retop Aluminum's production and technical staff are working hard on the front line, according to the production plan, rationally arrange production tasks, clarify the division of responsibilities, strengthen collaborative guarantees, standardize work processes, and work overtime for production and technical staff. After three days of strengthening work, all profiles completed the first customer inspection on March 4. The customer quality personnel conducted spot checks on the product quality and packaging quality of Retop Aluminum, and expressed their recognition of our product quality and technical strength.

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