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3 Tons Curtain Track Transported to Ecuador

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Joseph is a furniture buyer in Ecuador. His company is a company that sells furniture and curtain accessories. This time, his curtain products purchased 3 tons of aluminum profiles for curtain rails from Ruituo.
At the end of February, we received an inquiry from Joseph about the price and MOQ of aluminum extrusion profiles for curtain track. Sarah, our salesman, was in charge of receiving Joseph. Sarah invited Joseph to visit the company to learn more about aluminum profiles for curtain tracks. Joseph was invited to China with his wife and daughter to visit our company's model room and curtain track aluminum profiles.


3 Tons Curtain Track Aluminum Profiles Transported to Ecuador

After Joseph returned to Ecuador, he chatted with Sarah on WhatsApp for a few days to further discuss product details and product prices. Soon after, Joseph and Sarah signed a commercial contract for aluminum profiles for curtain rails and paid a deposit.
Curtain Track Aluminum Profile Production
According to the size of the curtain track aluminum profile products ordered by Joseph, our factory makes abrasive tools, proofs, confirms, and then proceeds to mass production. The order quantity of aluminum profiles for curtain track is 3 tons, which is a small order and will be produced soon.
Curtain track picture


Packaging and Shipping

Before the delivery date stipulated in the contract, this batch of curtain track aluminum profiles is ready to be shipped, and the packaging method of this batch of goods is plastic wrap + pallet packaging. This method of packaging ensures that the shipment arrives in Ecuador in perfect condition. The delivery method is LCL by sea, and the ship arrives at the port within 38 days. Joseph received the goods smoothly.
Joseph used the 3 ton curtain track aluminum extrusions for his new product - Curtains and it fit perfectly. Joseph said that he was very satisfied with this batch of curtain track aluminum profiles, recognized Sarah's service attitude and our company's professionalism, and expressed that he would buy the high-quality aluminum profiles produced by our company again.


The Aluminum Profiles for Curtain Tracks Purchased by Joseph Have the Following Advantages

Lightweight: Light in weight, easy to install and transport, flexible to use.
Durable: Aluminum is a highly durable material, it is resistant to corrosion and wear for a long life
The appearance is easy to appreciate : the appearance of the aluminum extrusion profile is fashionable and in line with the aesthetics of modern people, and there are a variety of surface colors that can be customized. The lines are simple and the appearance is minimal, which can match the decoration
Easy to install: The aluminum profile of the curtain track is customized according to specific needs, which is easy to install and saves time and money .
CUSTOMIZABLE : They can be cut , bent or shaped as desired.

This time Joseph purchased aluminum extrusions for the curtain rails . In addition to architectural aluminum profiles and industrial aluminum profiles, our company also has other types of decorative aluminum profiles, such as cabinet aluminum profiles and wardrobe aluminum profiles .
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