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Sliding window aluminum frame export to Colombian

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Sliding window aluminum frame export to Colombian
Good news! A customer from Colombia purchased a batch of 744 sliding window aluminum frame from us. The quantity purchased by the customer is 40 feet cabinets.744 aluminium sliding window profiles is very popular in Colombia and is the first choice of many users. Retop can provide aluminum profile for windows and doors with various structures, welcome to consult us anytime!
Sliding window aluminum frame

Customer's purchase background of 744 sliding window aluminum frame
A decorating company in Columbia recently received a renovation order from several homeowners. The order involved the design and installation of a large number of sliding aluminum window profile. In order to meet the demand of these orders, the company urgently needed to purchase a batch of high-quality Colombia 744 aluminium sliding window profiles. Considering the individual needs of different homeowners, the decorating company decided to opt for customized aluminum profiles to ensure that the windows would harmonize with the overall decoration.
744 sliding window aluminum frame
Aluminium sliding window profiles Colombia needed to be customized
As the client received the order from an individual house occupant. So there were different styles of sliding window aluminum frame needed. Therefore, the customer has customized needs for the surface treatment and color of the aluminum profiles. Retop has a variety of different surface treatment and color options for customers to choose. At the same time, we gave the customer suggestions based on our many years of experience. Finally, the customer chose three surface treatments: black powder coating, white powder coating and anodizing. White, gray and black are the three colors that can meet the customer's needs.

Sliding aluminum window profile solution provided by Retop
According to the style of the house that the customer needs to decorate, the customer chooses black, white and gray with our suggestions.
2.Surface treatment
Through our detailed introduction of surface treatment, the customer chose three different surface treatments: black spraying, white spraying and anodizing.
3.744 Structure of sliding window aluminum profile
Since the structure of the aluminum sliding window glass types required by the customer is one that can be made by our existing molds, we do not need to make new molds. Therefore, we don't need to re-make the molds and can directly put them into production.
Sliding aluminum window profile

Customer's choice and feedback
After thorough comparison and evaluation, Columbia Decoration finally chose our 744 series sliding window aluminum frame as the main material for their decoration order. Customers are very satisfied with our products and services. And they believe that our aluminum profiles are not only of high quality, but also able to meet their individual customization needs. At the same time, they also highly appreciate our professional technical support and perfect after-sales service. Letting every customer use high quality and beautiful aluminum profiles is what we, Retop, have been pursuing. We will continue to work hard to provide our customers with high quality products and services. You are welcome to inquire about our products at any time!
aluminum sliding windows extrusion
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