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Do you really understand industrial aluminum extrusion mold?

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Generally, a set of mold is composed of three parts: positive mold, mold pad and mold sleeve. The positive mold is composed of a working belt, empty knife, deflector and other parts. Each component has its own function. The following is the retop aluminum. Let us know the function of these parts.

①Working belt: The working surface of the working belt is perpendicular to the working surface of the mold. The purpose is to fix the size of the profile. Too long or too short is not qualified. The design of the working belt should take into account the wall thickness difference of the profile, the distance from the center and The part where the die hole is covered by the shunt bridge, etc.

②Empty knife: It is the main channel for aluminum profiles to pass through. It is a structural member supported by a cantilever at the outlet end of the die hole working belt, which can ensure the quality of the profile and the service life of the die.

③Baffle plate: There needs to be a deformation process in the process from aluminum rod to profile. The baffle plate can reduce the amount of deformation and play the role of transition shape.

④Split hole: After the aluminum alloy passes the above procedure, it begins to enter the split hole to further determine the cross-sectional shape and size of the profile.

⑤Mold core: Determine the shape and size of the cavity inside.

⑥Welding room: After all the preparatory work is in place, the aluminum alloy begins to enter the welding room for the final extrusion stage.
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