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Tips for choosing quality aluminium alloy profiles

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Quality aluminium alloy profiles are the basis for composing high-quality projects. Nowadays, people are becoming more and more fond of aluminum extrusion profiles. Versatility, efficiency and durability have become the main reasons for the high popularity of aluminum profiles. Aluminum profiles in various constructions and with different appearances are the ideal solution for many material applications in everyday life. These materials are used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from indoor areas such as aluminum profiles for windows and doors, to outdoor areas such as aluminum profiles for curtain walling, as well as for flooring, roof cladding and lighting systems in wall systems.

There are good and bad aluminium alloy profiles present in the market today. Identifying whether an aluminum profile is of good quality is the first thing a buyer needs to consider. The dangers associated with poor quality aluminum profiles are significant. Below we will give you the disadvantages of poor quality aluminum extrusions, the advantages that aluminum alloys should have and advice on selecting quality aluminum profiles. Let's get started!
aluminium alloy profiles

Characteristics of poor quality aluminium alloy profiles

The use of poor quality aluminium alloy profiles may come to bring various hazards, such as property damage, personal injury, deformation of items using aluminum profiles, cracking, etc. The specific performance is as follows:

1. Low tensile strength
Tensile strength is a measure of the material's ability to resist fracture under maximum pressure. If the material chosen fails to maintain its strength during use, it may deteriorate faster than expected. This can lead to costly damage such as cracking of beams and floors.

2. Rust occurs
Poor quality aluminum building profiles are prone to rust and corrosion. Over time, this further leads to structural damage and accelerates the cracking process. If we find that the aluminium alloy profiles has rusted, we need to replace it immediately.

3. Untidy appearance
Generally, the surface of poor quality aluminum extrusion profiles is manufactured roughly, which is due to the problem of surface treatment. The surface of the aluminum profile may appear powder lumps, or uneven film thickness. Corrosive patches and uneven etching will appear after a long time of use.

Characteristics of aluminium profile section

What are the advantages that an aluminum extrusion profile should have as a normal quality? As follows:

1. Great hardness
Aluminum extrusions are known for having the highest tensile strength of any metal. Aluminum has a tensile strength of 60,000 psi, while titanium has a tensile strength of 35,000 psi and steel has a tensile strength of 30,000 psi. contractors often choose aluminum extrusions when selecting a lightweight material because it provides the ideal choice without sacrificing strength.

2. Strength and corrosion resistance
Aluminum extrusions are made from high-quality aluminum alloys. High quality aluminum alloys are extremely strong and can withstand a lot of weight. In addition to this, they are also resistant to corrosion, so they will not rust or lose their original shape even after going through harsh weather conditions.

3. Good machinability
Aluminum extrusions are easy to install and require little maintenance. Contractors like to use them because they can be easily cut with a hacksaw or chainsaw. And people can use rivets or screws to attach aluminum extrusions as needed for a variety of everyday jobsite needs.

4. Aesthetics and variety
Aluminum extrusion profiles are available in a variety of finishes. Examples include anodized, powder coated, electroplated and painted finishes. The process improves its aesthetics, which is good for decorating your house and adding color to your house. It can be used for furniture, windows, doors, roofs, fences and gates.
quality aluminium alloy profiles

Advice on choosing aluminum extrusion profiles

Choosing a quality aluminum extrusion profile is a choice made by combining a number of factors. Here are the factors that we suggest you can draw from in choosing an aluminum profile. We hope you can choose an aluminum extrusion profile that meets your needs.

1. Choose aluminum extrusion profiles with uniform color
In order to determine the right aluminium alloy profiles for your needs, consider what your purpose of use is. If you are looking for a lightweight solution for decorative purposes. We suggest that you would be better off choosing aluminum profiles that are perfectly anodized and have a uniform color. When choosing a manufacturer, it is key to look for an aluminum extrusion profile manufacturer that offers a wide selection of styles and sizes. The more options you have, the more likely you are to find the ideal product for your needs.

2. Well-constructed and flat
If you need aluminum extrusion profiles that require high strength. Then we suggest that you need to check the tensile strength, yield strength and impact resistance indicators of the aluminum profile. The higher the strength rating, the better. It is best to choose a level above 60,000 PSI tensile strength and 20-25% yield strength. It is also good if the profile has an impact rating of less than 80%.

3. Product certificate of conformity
For a better shopping experience, it is advisable to choose an experienced aluminum profile wholesaler who has earned the trust of customers. These suppliers have accumulated long experience in the industry and have earned the trust of their customers by providing quality products. You can also check if the supplier holds product qualification certificates by visiting their website.
aluminum extrusion profiles

Choose Retop as your aluminium alloy profiles supplier

If you need to buy aluminium profile sections, Retop is your best choice. After years of development, we have been a trusted supplier of aluminum profiles. We have customers in many countries and have gained a good reputation. We produce a wide range of aluminum profiles covering many different fields, such as architectural aluminum profiles, decorative aluminum profiles and industrial aluminum profiles. There are more detailed divisions under each field, such as common aluminum profiles for windows and doors, curtain tracks aluminium profiles, T-slots aluminium extrusions, solar panels aluminium sections and so on. Our aluminum profiles have excellent performance, exquisite design and affordable price. Therefore, choosing aluminum profiles here at Retop, you will surely find the right material for your construction project.
aluminium alloy profiles
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