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Why does solar energy use aluminum alloy frame?

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The advantages of 6063 aluminum alloy solar frame in photovoltaic applications:
1, anti-corrosion, strong anti-oxidation;
2, strong strength and firmness;
3, strong tensile strength;
4. High elastic modulus, rigidity and metal fatigue value;
5. It is convenient to transport and install, and the surface will not be oxidized even if it is scratched, which will not affect the performance;
6. It can adapt to various environments through convenient selection of different materials;
7. The service life is more than 30-50 years.
The use of an aluminum alloy frame protects the laminate on the one hand and facilitates installation on the other. The installation of the aluminum alloy frame is conducive to reducing the lap time between the front frame and other types of work, and has a good protective effect, which can reduce the chance of its damage, which will prolong the service life.
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